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Important CEU Information

North Carolina CEU Info:

Each licensee wishing to maintain his or her license shall obtain continuing education during each licensing period. The licensee shall maintain records of attendance of a continuing education course including the following information:

(1) Course title and description

(2) Date conducted

(3) Address of location where the course was conducted

(4) Continuing education hours earned

Each licensee must ensure at least 50% of subject matter broadens the licensee’s knowledge of the cosmetic arts profession. Each instructor must ensure at least 50% of subject matter relates to teacher training techniques and enhances the ability to communicate. Continuing education shall be approved by the board, providing it meets the requirements above.

NOTE: Audits of the licensee’s continuing education may be conducted at any time. Upon the board’s request, each licensee shall provide completed records to the board. Continuing education courses completed prior to an individual’s being licensed by the board shall not qualify for continuing education credit. Apprentices do not need to earn continuing education for renewal.


West Virginia CEU Info:

Licensee will only receive credit hours for programs that contribute directly to the competency of the licensee; pertain to subjects related to the theory, management and practice of cosmetology, nail technology, or esthetics; and pertain to the health, safety, welfare and protection of the public.


North Carolina & West Virginia Attendees Obtaining CEU Credit:

Are required to sign into each class prior to class start time – sign-in sheet must be for the state the professional license is registered with.
Are required to sign in by printing their name, state board issued license number on the class sign-in sheet.
Are required to be present for the entire class to receive credit; early departure will result in loss of receiving the CEU certificate and verification of hours.
Should obtain a certificate of attendance at the completion of the class and must retain the certificate(s) for the renewal period as proof of attendance for renewal/auditing purposes by state board.

**North Carolina Licensees Only: Providers no longer report CEU hours to State Board.**


South Carolina CEU Info:
Receive 6 hours between Sunday and Monday – Your Choice!

Please review the below information. All South Carolina attendees obtaining CEU credit will need to:

Attend a minimum of 6 classes over the course of the 2-day show.
Get familiar with locations of the South Carolina approved classrooms. This will help keep you on time to each class that you want to attend.
Give yourself enough time to get signed in to each class before the doors close. No late entry allowed.
Bring 2 forms of ID to classes.
Prior to entry, we need you to write:

Your first and last name – IN PRINT.
The last four digits of your social security number.
Your professional license number.

Once you have ALL 6 certificates:

Take them to the SC CEU registration desk and we will take care of you from there! – We will need 2 forms of ID.
We will have you fill out a verification of attendance form to receive the credit that you deserve!


REMEMBER! DO NOT leave the show until you have completed a verification form at the SC CEU Registration Desk! This is the ONLY way to receive your credit!

If you do not receive your certificate within 30 days of the Fashion Focus show, call USC at 803.777.9440.

We at CE Training Courses thank you for allowing us to serve you! Want an online video CEU? Visit us at ceonlinetraining.com and get started on your next CEU right now!