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Artist Bios


Lala Chihaia is an innovative stylist specializing in bridal, braids and vintage hair styling. Trained in Europe and licensed in the United States, Lala has over 12 years of experience creating special occasion styles.

American Crew®

With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Dennis has worked in high volume salons, full service salons and as an independent stylist. American Crew’s MENSWORK™ Method has provided Dennis with a foundation for men’s cuts and has made him a better hairdresser overall. He always dreamed of becoming an educator and joined Team Crew in 2013. His first year on the team, he was named "Team Crew Educator of the Year"–a recognition Dennis considers his greatest career accomplishment.


Kenny is currently the Lead Educator for Andis®. He is also a nationally known barber, stylist, educator and co-owner of a 12-chair salon, Main Attraction Unisex Salon, based in Philadelphia. As the barber for several Grammy award-winning artists, he has toured the world for Lady Gaga’s production team. Kenny's styling work has also appeared in films such as "Fantastic Four" and "Creed" starring Michael B. Jordan.


As a Global and International Educator, Terry travels to demonstrate techniques with Ardell® and many other product lines. She has been a full-time hairdresser and nail tech at her mother's salon for over 20 years and an educator for 19 years. Terry was born and raised in El Paso, TX. She states, “I firmly believe that every day is a learning experience. Always take the opportunity and learn all that you can.”


Come join the BaByliss® PRO Creative Team and "wrap your brain around" advanced clipper cutting to learn how to cut long hair and embrace disconnection within a haircut. You will be amazed by the latest techniques using some of the highest-performing tools in the industry from BaByliss® PRO, including: the Volare Clipper, the amazing J1, and Nano Titanium™ tools. Master the art of hair tattooing and learn from one of the hottest teams on the show circuit.

Christina Kreitel | Artistic Team Member

Christina Kreitel is passionate about making people see their value and importance in life. She has cultivated a 25K+ following on Instagram and is a Social Stylist for the CosmoProf® Artistic Team. Christina was also a finalist on Kenra’s Guy Tang’s Hair Battle. She is the owner of Intrepid Studio Salon in Spanish Fork, Utah, where hair and books meet.

Clean + Easy®

As a cosmetologist and waxing technician for many years, Cathy is the owner of a salon located in a major hotel. She enjoys sharing her skills with others at many national and international trade shows and forums. Cathy has also been involved in the production of many training manuals, classes and technical videos, playing an important part in the research and development of new products. 


Gina Cella has been with CND since 1999. Gina brings her passion and love of creating beautiful nails to each and every event she is involved with. Gina’s primary goal is to educate nail professionals in all aspects of hand and foot beauty, and to help raise the standards of professionalism throughout the industry. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge for creating beautiful nails.

Donald Scott NYC

Rachelle is an enthusiastic and informative educator that has the ability to take audiences with her on hair journeys. With a love for the industry, she now owns three successful salons and continues to work “behind the chair” in all of the locations. Her true passion comes from sharing knowledge with other stylists. She has been a stylist working “behind the chair” since 1992. Rachelle has also been a salon owner for most of her career, buying her first salon at the age of 23.


Tommy’s expertise and no-nonsense approach has earned him success as a stylist, educator and salon owner. He creates edgy, fresh designs and constantly challenges the status quo as a master of free-form cutting.


Marco is an accomplished professional who has owned and managed salons. He is a third-generation hairstylist who instinctively understands hair texture and movement, allowing him to push boundaries and limits with his free-form styles and texture-focused cuts. Marco continues to hone his craft "behind the chair” and has also styled hair for movie sets, editorial photo shoots and national advertising campaigns.


Rob's a barber, shop owner and professional educator from Houston, TX. As a member of the Esquire Grooming Team and Farouk Creative Artistic Team, he uniquely communicates the language of barbering to fuel success.


Glen is extremely proud to be a part of the Esquire Grooming Team. He believes that a great hairstyle can have a positive impact on anyone’s life and continues to excel so that he can provide the best education to other professionals. Glen is the owner of Prestige Hair Design in Leawood, KS. He received his cosmetology instructor license from Mitsu Sato Hairstyling Academy and has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008.


With his “rockstar appeal” and passion for educating, it’s no surprise that Joe was awarded International Artist of the Year at the 2013 Farouk Systems Conference. His unique artistry has allowed him to make his mark in more than 100 countries and appear in numerous beauty publications in the U.S. and abroad. Year round, he operates two successful salons in Victoria, TX, and transforms and builds confidence in his clients through the art of hair.


Monica is a Farouk Systems Creative & International Artist who travels the world sharing her love for the beauty industry and CHI®. Whether in a class, rocking the stage or having a one-on-one with a fellow artist, her passion and skill truly show as an educator and owner of Willems Hair Artistry in Fort Worth, TX.


Cynthia specializes in the art of color and corrective color. As a CHI® Elite International Artist and CHI® Executive Educator, her love for learning new ways of working with hair, color and cuts fuels her passion for sharing all that she discovers. She is a salon owner and stylist in Houston, TX.

Geno Stampora

Geno is a champion educator and industry expert, delivering exciting, humorous seminars that work. He is a NAHA Hall of Leaders Inductee who helps beauty pros achieve their full potential.


For the past three years, Karen has traveled the U.S. teaching waxing techniques and helping salon pros build their businesses with GiGi’s superior waxing products. She decided to become an educator with GiGi® after attending advanced courses in the science of healthy skin services. Karen began her career as an esthetician in 2001.

Jacob Khan | Artistic Team Member | @jacobhkhan

Jacob Khan, owner of Jacob K Hair, is an Atlanta-based educator, stylist, entertainer and entrepreneur. Jacob lives by one professional rule: take what you do seriously, but never take yourself too seriously! For the past decade, he has been cultivating a brand that is educational, entertaining and unforgettable. "Cut, color, and comedy — these are the things that I am passionate about,” he says.

Johnny B.®

Educator, Alexis Rivera, began cutting hair at a very young age. Since then, his love for the brand and his passion for the industry, has allowed him to transcend into a great educator and businessman. Rivera resides in the state of Indiana, where he is also the proud owner of CHINNO Mens Hairdressing. As an educator, he presents the latest clipper cutting techniques at various types of events, hoping to share his knowledge of barbering with those that share the same passion for the industry. Rivera is very detailed oriented and engages his audience and genuinely loves to teach. To him, education is a way of giving back to those that helped him along his young career. 


Mark has spent the better part of the last three decades devoted to the art of haircolor. Working closely with Beth Minardi, first as her protégé and then as her Color Director, he established himself as one of New York’s most sought after colorists. Mark’s major career turning point was when he assisted Beth Minardi in turning Rene Russo’s blonde locks to brilliant auburn for “The Thomas Crown Affair”. Since then, Mark has created one-of-a-kind looks for stars such as Rachel McAdams (“The Notebook”), Evan Rachel Wood (“Across the Universe”), Sean Penn (“The Interpreter”), Lily Rabe (“No Reservations”) and Bill Pullman (“Too Big to Fail”) to name a few. He has also been featured on TLC’s “A Makeover Story” and was recognized by Elle magazine for his “memorable brunettes.”


Mandy is the owner of a salon in Northwest Ohio and a guest artist for the Joico®/ISO Design Team. She is passionate about education and passing down her skills to other stylists. Mandy is inspired by her peers, co-workers, everyday clients, fashion, and so much more. She hopes to inspire others as much they inspire her every day. Mandy also works closely with some of the best stylists in the industry. She says, “Never say I can’t. Always say, I can and I will.”


Zoë represents the entire family of Joico® brands as a guest artist and works at the esteemed Kim Vō Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. At the acclaimed Minardi Salon in New York City, Zoë worked alongside the iconic Beth Minardi. While there, she helped train stylists nationwide during the launch of Beth Minardi Signature® shades. Zoë made a pact with herself at the age of 18 to do everything necessary to succeed in the beauty industry.


Ricardo is a stylist based out of Orlando, FL. He is a self-described jack-of-all-trades who shares stunning social media posts. Rick’s skills range from sun-kissed balayage to vibrants and pastels, earning him a spot on the Modern Salon 100.  


Cassie is a passionate colorist who loves formulating and styling for the latest trends. She is excited about the technical and creative side of color, giving her a lot of practical experience she can share with stylists. Cassie's journey started with Kenra Pro through Technical Support. She is now in the field as a Regional Education Manager where she continues to inspire and teach through her passion.

Larisa Love | Artistic Team Member | @larisadoll

Instagram sensation, educator and CosmoProf® Brand Ambassador Larisa Love has taken over the beauty world. For all things beauty, her social media channels are the go-to places, and her technique classes are incredibly popular at shows. Larisa leads the charge of our Artistic Team and looks forward to shaking up the industry even more in 2017.

Malibu C®

Missy is an American Board Certified Haircolorist and a true icon in the professional beauty industry. She’s an expert in corrective color and a Certified Hair Loss Specialist accredited by the U.S. Trichology Institute. In her role as Global Creative Manager for Malibu C®, she advocates for education and empowers stylists worldwide with tools for success.

Malibu C®

Georgia has a spirited love for all things beauty. As a Chicago-based colorist, she has an unwavering appreciation for balayage techniques, an unparalleled passion for the art of hair painting and is highly skilled in corrective color.


Shelby’s continued enthusiasm, innovative techniques and pursuit of education have kept her on the cutting edge of the beauty industry for 10 years. As a Moroccanoil® Creative Design Team Educator, she is known for her creativity and positive energy, educating everyone she comes into contact with. Shelby strives to always discover new and exciting ways to use Moroccanoil® and educate people. She says, “When I see that smile on my client’s face, I know I’ve created confidence. Confidence is beauty!”



Manny's specialty is men's cutting. His work ethic and desire to teach have earned him a spot as a member of the tradeshow platform artist club. Manny took on the new challenge of holding workshops and seminars booked specifically for education after having been successful in the show circuit. He will always maintain “one foot” in a cosmetology school since he feels his strongest connection to the industry there. Manny attended the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA, and he speaks English, Spanish and Italian.


In his over 40 years as a hairdresser, Joe has helped thousands of stylists and many professional manufacturers. He worked with one major manufacturer for over 30 years while owning six salons, a beauty supply and a training center. Joe co-authored “Passionate Salon Professionals” with Dr. Lew Losoncy. He was also a contributing writer to “On Becoming A Psy-Cosmetologist”, Dr. Lew’s bestseller. His greatest technical discovery is the use of bond-multiplying chemistry with lighteners and color services. Among Joe’s many clients are Olaplex® and Obliphica Professional®.

Paul Mitchell®

Colin Caruso, Paul Mitchell® National Trainer and Focus Salon Owner, believes education should always be fun. He thinks the overall experience of learning is equally as important as the techniques learned. "Education is our arena for new ideas. It is our outlet, our chance to talk with other professionals about what excites us most–hair."

Paul Mitchell®

Donna’s strong family backbone allows her to approach her career with humor and a truespirit of giving. She delivers a standard of “five-star” services, so each guest enjoys a truly memorable experience. She states, “I strive to really share my artistry with my clients–this allows me to style with knowledge and helps them see the products are just as important ascut and color. I always remember grandma's recipe...measure what counts andput love into everything.

Paul Mitchell®

Corey became a Paul Mitchell® educator in 2011 and has a passion for sharing his knowledge. He has employed and mentored over 700 barbers and cosmetologists and expanded his skills into all aspects of hairstyling. After working in various shops in New York and Boston, Corey attended school for barber styling, opening his first salon five years later. In 1990, Corey began cutting hair in a Brooklyn barbershop, where he swiftly developed a love for the hair industry.

Paul Mitchell®

Thomas Cousins is a John Paul Mitchell Systems® National Educator and owner of A Thomas Cousins Salon (a Paul Mitchell® Focus Salon). Mentored by artists like Robert Cromeans, Angus Mitchell, Stephanie Kocielski and Takashi Kitamura, Thomas has gone on to spend 13 years raising industry standards through salon coaching and platform shows around the world. Thomas is passionate about every aspect of hairdressing and loves to share his vision with the many stylists he works with.

Rob Cass

Rob Cass believes that changing the way you think will change the way you behave and change the way you earn. His renowned Salon Prophets brand of learning and inspiration supports owners and stylists in their quest for excellence, profitability and success. They help you build a business where your passion pays you.


As a world-renowned leader in the salon industry, Rusk® is passionately dedicated to the art of hairdressing and represents unparalleled creative artistry and individuality in the professional haircare world. With a synergistic approach to cut, color and style and a complete range of high-performance products and tools, Rusk® empowers professional stylists and their clients to achieve extraordinary results.  


As a Sebastian® Professional Design Team Member, Anthony travels the nation as a platform artist and educator to inspire professionals and share his knowledge. He has earned multiple national awards, including the NAHA 2007 “Avant-Garde” award and NAHA 2013 “Texture” award. Anthony believes the beauty/hair industry can be lifted to new heights through education.  

Sexy Hair®

Lonn is an in-demand educator who has held many prestigious positions, including Regional Education Manager, New Hire Coach, Master Artist and Lead Artist for Sexy Hair®. His expertise in dry cutting and color lets him envision the perfect look.

Sexy Hair®

With more than five years working “behind the chair,” Nicole has gained experience working at hair shows and photo shoots. She loves every element of the industry. Nicole initially got into the industry to help offset the cost of a college degree. However, by the second week of school, she knew that she was hooked to the industry. In the future, she wants to be trained and certified in media makeup and establish herself as an independent stylist. “The future holds so many potential opportunities,” she says. “And I am inspired by the idea of where I could end up.”


As the VP of Marketing for Trionics®, Philice supports and educates hairdressers about Trionics’ products and has managed their brand makeover. She is the daughter of Marvin LeBow, president and owner of Trionics for 30 years.


Anastasia is an award-winning platform artist, certified master colorist, educator and a 26-year veteran in the industry. Her mission as a creative artist is beautiful, healthy hair. She is the creator and owner of The Colour Brigade Academy, teaching balayage, vivid and color correction classes in salons around the U.S. Her talent, love and passion have landed her work in magazines, 16 feature films, numerous commercials and news broadcasts. Anastasia's personal experience with Trionics® enzyme developers did more than raise her color and balayage to another level. It completely changed her life.

Twisted Fringe™

As a salon owner and educator, Jennifer loves sharing all that she learns to help stylists grow their businesses with extended beauty for a flawless look. She quickly jumped on the Twisted Fringe Education Team and has never looked back. Since beauty school, Jennifer has had a love for extensions and everything they bring to clients.

Vickie Preston

Vickie has facilitated great results for her clients as a business coach, life coach and motivational speaker. Her specialty is emotional intelligence and coaching beauty pros to get results by changing mindsets and behaviors.


Dre brings intense passion and drive to the Wahl® Education and Artistic Team. He loves teaching professionals about clippers and owns Headliners, Inc. Barbershop in Aurora, IL.

Wella Professionals™

With over 30 years of experience as a stylist, Douglas is recognized for his signature cutting techniques, innovative styling and makeover genius. His work has appeared in hundreds of consumer and trade magazines. Douglas Carroll Salon, his first salon, launched in 1988. Today, his salon is still a multi-award-winning brand for its distinction and commitment to the craft of hairdressing. On multiple occasions, his salon’s photographic hairstyles have been awarded the distinctions of ‘Top 10 Most Published Salons in America’ and Salon Today’s ‘Top 200 Salons in North America.’